About Loddon Homes

Loddon Homes Limited (LHL) is a new provider of social and affordable housing in Wokingham, accredited with the Homes and Communities Agency in 2016 as a For-Profit Registered Provider. Loddon Homes will purchase high quality housing from its parent company Wokingham Housing Limited, and by doing this we can be confident that the homes provided to LHL residents are of a high standard, fit for purpose and built by partners that share our vision and values.

LHL forms part of a group of companies that are wholly owned by Wokingham Borough Council (WBC), to provide first class services as well as generating a financial return that can be invested back into communities and services.

As a resident of a Loddon Homes property we will work to ensure that your home is well managed and maintained and that you can be proud of where you live.

How do I apply for a LHL home?

All applications for a LHL home should be through the Wokingham Borough Council housing register.

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Who will manage my LHL home?

The management and maintenance of all LHL homes will be undertaken by WBC’s Tenant Services team who work closely with LHL to ensure the standards LHL sets are being met.

Some additional services where one of our residents need extra care and support  is sometimes provided by Optalis who are another wholly owned Council company providing services to older people and adults with a disability.

Further Information

For further information about Wokingham Housing Limited and upcoming developments please visit wokinghamhousing.co.uk.

The Loddon Homes Board

Loddon Homes Limited (LHL) is overseen by an independent Board of directors. The Board’s role is to provide strategic direction for Loddon Homes, as well as ensuring that objectives are being achieved, customer satisfaction targets are met and that as a company LHL is performing well against its key performance indicators. Appointment to the Board is based on an individual’s knowledge and skill set in the housing sector. Where possible Loddon Homes will always strive to have a tenant representative on its Board, as it does currently, to ensure that we remain a customer focussed organisation.

Gary Cowan Chairman (NED*)

Gary was appointed Chairman of LHL in 2014. Following an extensive career in the aviation industry he was elected as a Borough Councillor for WBC. He formed part of the Council executive for over ten years with specific responsibility for planning, affordable housing, transportation, highways and the environment, with planning and housing as his main areas of expertise.

Robin Fielder Vice Chairman (NED)

Robin has an extensive history of high profile leadership roles in public, commercial and not for profit organisations. He was instrumental in setting-up and starting Loddon’s parent company, Wokingham Housing Limited, from 2012 – 2015 as the Managing Director. Robin was appointed to the Board in June 2015 and later as vice-chairman for Loddon Homes based on his experience in the affordable and social housing sector which spans over 40 years.

John McNiece Secretary

John sits on the WHL Board as Finance Director and was appointed to the role of secretary in December 2015. He has gained over 25 years finance experience spanning across multiple industries including telecoms, technology and construction. John was recently appointed to the role of FD for Crowne Simmons and currently splits his time across these organisations.

Alistair Auty (NED)

Alistair sits on the LHL Board as well as being vice-chairman for WHL. He has amassed over 18 years’ experience in business development, project management and marketing, having worked in both the property and telecoms sector. Alistair was elected to the Boards because of his substantial experience in the property sector. Alistair was elected as a Borough Councillor in 2007.

Bill Flood Managing Director (MD) - CIHCM

Bill sits on the LHL Board as Managing Director (MD). Bill was appointed as MD in May 2015 following over 25 years’ experience in Housing. Bill is responsible for leading WHL and LHL into profitability in order to create a revenue stream for the Council as well as generating a Business Plan and recruiting a team to support these two organisations.

David Chopping (NED)

David sits on the LHL Board as well as being Chairman for Wokingham Housing Limited. David’s appointment to both Boards follows a life spanning career as a Chartered Surveyor, during this time David advised banks, developers and investors on development viability as well as advice so smaller organisations, building societies and private individuals on property purchase and sale. David became an elected member for WBC in 2003 and was a key supporter in the conception of WHL.

Lee Newton (NED)

Lee was appointed to the LHL Board in 2015, having spent much of his professional career in management as well as running his own business. Lee sits on the Loddon Board as an involved tenant which he has been for 12 years. Although a WBC tenant, Lee brings a wealth of relevant resident experience to the Loddon Board. During his time Lee was Chair of research and development and Vice-Chair of repairs for Council resident groups. Lee is the current Vice-Chair of the Council’s Tenant and Landlord Improvement Panel (TLIP) and also sits on the Council’s Affordable Housing Implementation Group (AHIG) and Communication Group.

Lionel Haynes (NED)

Lionel was elected to the LHL Board in 2015, upon which he took on the role of Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. Lionel’s appointment follows 40 years financial experience, most recently including 11 years as Finance Director for Sentinel Housing Association, a Housing Association with stock in excess of 9,000 properties. Before working for Sentinel, Lionel worked at Managing Director and Finance Director level in the manufacturing sector, giving Loddon valuable additional private sector finance and business experience.

The LHL Team

Loddon Homes is supported by the team at Wokingham Housing Limited, details of which can be found on the WHL website.

*Non-Executive Director